Life and work in rural communities were so closely intertwined that many informants shared remedies for both people and animals during their interviews. These included Danny Bachelor in Ratley, Warwickshire who shared remedies for shingles, eye infections and rheumatism, along with cures for ringworm in cows.

Similarly, Arthur Randell in Coldham, Cambridgeshire shared remedies to treat wounds on animals’ feet, as well as those for whooping cough, colds and fevers, warts and corns.




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'Sound Recordings, Warwickshire' (LAVC/SRE/A261r) by Colin S Wharton. Held at Special Collections, Leeds University Library. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

The University’s collection includes a study of treatments for ailments afflicting livestock. These were shared by eight farmers from the Mansfield area of Nottingham and include remedies relating to an animal’s head, nose, chest, digestive organs, udders, feet, legs and skin complaints.