Emboldened writing is the part of the clip audible in the recording.



<F L5> 

<S FO & WB> 

<G M> 

<A 80 & 84> 




<D 10-01-52> 

<I SE> 

<L CN S60> 

<T 8:23> 


<FO I went to plough. FO> 

<WB Aye. WB> 

<FO And there was a man come [: came] from +… 

past once, 

# he says, 

+” If the bobby comes, 

he ‘ll lay you up. “+ 

# I says, 

+” What for? “+ 

+” Why, “+ 

he says, 

+” For making pig xxx. “+ 


it was +… 

we ‘d broken it. 

xxx xxx (the) plough slipped out and # couldn’t +… 

wasn’t long enough to hold it. FO> 

<WB Oh. WB> 

<FO And then another time, 

there was a man come [:came], 

he says, 

+” You ‘ll be getting xxx. “+ 

I says, 

+” Why? “+ 

+” Why, “+ 

he says, 

+” Them calves ‘ll be breaking their legs. “+ 

+” Oh. “+ 

I said, 

+” What for? 

Why, “+ 

He says, 

+” They can’t walk down that far, 

it ‘s [*summat*] cruel. “+ 


we had to yoke out at six. FO> 

<SE Hmm. SE> 

<FO And so you xxx xxx time and uh # we had uh # our horses to fetch up. FO> 

<WB You hadn’t xxx xxx xxx. WB> 

<FO No. 

And we always had to be # out of the +… 

from the breakfast, 

with xxx xxx xxx on, 

when the clock struck six. FO> 

<SE Hmm. SE> 

<FO And then they make so much to-do about it today. 

If they go to # work before eight. 

# And we stopped while six, 

it were +… 

in +… FO> 

<WB Aye. 

You had to stop while six. WB> 

<FO And when we was in service, 

we had to be doing [*summat*] while seven. FO> 

<SE Hmm. SE> 

<FO And then we could go off, 

and have us [: our] # suppers, 

as we call it. FO> 

<SE Yeah. SE> 

<WB And then go to bed and get ready for morning. WB> 

<FO Aye. FO> 

<WB And they didn’t use to let you go to no dances, 

and xxx to no pictures. WB> 

<FO And they come [: came] to me, 

# while a Sunday morning. 

He says, 

+” You ‘ll have to go and # get some turkeys out of yon field. “+ 

We had one for dinner. 

The xxx says, 

+” Why. 

Do it xxx. 

Go on. “+ 

# We couldn’t get them a(t) Saturday. 

We had to go digging [*mysen*]. FO> 


<FO And my boss, 

he used to go and +… 

If I went away from home, 

he used to # get to the pub and stop. 

And he stopped two or three days out there. 

that # time. 

You ‘ll excuse me if I say wrong. 

[!= laughs] 

And uh so when he come [: came] home, 

# they called me Jack. 

He says, 

+” Right Jack. “+ 

xxx xxx he came to sleep wi(th) me like. 

+” Uh what have you # been doing? 

Have you gotten so and so done? “+ 

# I said, 

+” Yes. “+ 

+” Have you gotten so and so? “+ 

+” Yes. “+ 

# +” And have I gotten so and so done? “+ 

I said, 

+” No. “+ 

+” # How ‘s that? “+ 

+” Well, “+ 

I says, 

+” I haven’t had time. “+ 

+” Time be buggered. “+ 

[!= laughs] 

He says uh, 

+” You know you ‘ve a bloody great wage. “+ FO> 

<SE [!= laughs] SE> 

<FO He says, 

+” I want +…  

I [/] I [\] don’t keep you to look at. 

So remember that “+ FO> 


<WB It was worth eighteen for a shilling at that time of day. WB> 

<SE Hmm. SE> 

<WB And I were going up (the) hill and # [/] and [\] I said to that +… 

this young fellow, 

I said, 

+” You ‘ve a lot of eggs there Fred, 

I shall happen have one. “+ 

And he says, 

+” xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx. “+ 

And he xxx me half a shillings worth. 

And I sucked seventeen on [: of] (th)em, 

and xxx xxx that two were rotten. 

[!= laughs] WB> 


<WB Well, 

I can remember one time we were going to xxx, 

and bringing a load of iron ore for a blacksmith. 

And he sent his man down to help me to load this iron, 

and we had to bring # ten stone of flours home. 

We got it to (the) top of the iron, 

and we ‘s kept going on, 

and both on [: of] us had gotten +… 

# Well, 

as much as we xxx out of that stuff (th)at makes you silly. 

Our horses started to trot. 

A bit of shirt iron kept tumbling off now and again, 

we was picking this here shirt iron up, 

one xxx xxx a bigger xxx xxx, 

but anyhow, 

somebody stopped (th)em. 

And when we gets to the far end, 

we put the horses at the shoeing shed, 

I ‘s to go in have my dinner, 

he gets up and puts a flour # onto the wagon wheel, 

and I gets it on my back, 

he goes in the house, 

he says, 

+” Here, 

why don’t you bring this here xxx mill? “+ 

I dropped the flour on the floor and I says as I should xxx [*mysen*]. 

# And then when we ‘d gotten our dinner, 

we had xxx xxx, 

as soon as I ‘d got a bit of it, 

well I had to nip outside. 

# And I went to one # wheelbarrow was stuck in the place where I wanted to put my wagon, 

and I xxx xxx xxx horses, 

and I says, 

+” Come on! “+ 

Soon as they got xxx from the shed, they shot back and # ran over the barrow and broke it. WB> 

<FO xxx xxx xxx xxx. FO> 

<WB And the fellow swore, 

what had I run over that barrow for. 

I says, 

+” I shouldn’t ‘a done if you hadn’t ‘a set the bugger in the road. 

[!= laughs] 

I said, 

+” that ‘s done that. “+ 

[!= laughs] WB> 



Transcription by Juhani Klemola and Mark Jones, 1999 See http://digital.library.leeds.ac.uk/381/1/LSE_1999_pp17-30_Klemola_Jones_article.pdf and http://www2.iath.virginia.edu/ach-allc.99/proceedings/scott.html