<F L9> 

<S Charles Fox> 

<G M> 

<A 83> 




<D 29-09-52> 

<I SE> 

<L CN S61> 

<T 6:36> 


<CF Was walking down the # [/] the [\] road, 

walking on the roads, 

in the street and # he went past # one of his old neighbours, 

and uh [/] and [\] he had a [/] he had a [\] [*gilt*]. 

He had a [*gilt*] and uh +… 

She had pigs. 

So he [/] he [\] says to my father, 

he says uh, 

he says, 

+” Now, “+ 

he says, 

+” tha there xxx pig xxx. “+ 

he says. 

He says uh, 

+” She has eleven pigs. 

# Now, “+ 

he says uh, 

+” You xxx to come and have a look at (th)em. “+ 


my father went through the gate and [/] and [\] uh he had a little barrel of beer, 

in the # chap house, 

this [/] this this [\] neighbour of his had. 

He said, 

+” You [/] you [\] ‘d better have a drink (b)efore you go up the yard Bucks. “+ 

+” Alright. “+ 

he says. 

So he [/] he [\] totted him +… 

he had a little horn, 


he totted xxx (the) horn up and # gave it to my father and # he drank that up. 

He says, 

+” You ‘d better have another. “+ 

he says, 

+” To wet both eyes, 

you know. “+ 

# So, 

he [/] he [\] got another horn down him and # [/] and [\] away they went to look at these pigs. 

And there was a xxx. 

And uh # well, 

my father says, 

+” Well, “+ 

he says, 

+” Now, “+ 

he says, 

+” Them’s about the loveliest lot of pigs as ever I ‘ve seen. “+ 

And uh # he says, 

+” I [/] I [\] think I shall # knock this here # [/] knock this here [\] little chap on the head. “+ 

he says. 

That was the [*reckling*]. 

He says, 

+” There don’t seem to be any more tit. 

there ‘s no tit for him. “+ 

So my father says, 

+” I shouldn’t knock him on the head. “+ 

he says. 

+” He looks lively enough. “+ 

And uh, 

+” Well, “+ 

he says uh, 

he says, 

+” It ‘ll do no good. “+ 

Anyway he says uh, 

he says, 

+” I ‘ll buy him on you, 

if you like. 

I ‘ll give you half a crown for it. “+ 

+” No, “+ 

he says, 

+” I won’t take naught for that grubby little thing, “+ 

he says. 

+” I ‘ll give him if you want him. “+ CF> 

<OS www www www www www. OS> 

<CF So, 

my father went and fetched his overcoat, 

off the roadside and # slipped him in the pocket and brought him home. 

# So # I was a kid going to school then. 

So he says to me, 

he says, 

+” Uh # when you next go Charlie, “+ 

he says, 

+” Go down to Old xxx xxx, 

and ask him if he ‘ll lend your father # one of them lamb tits. “+ 

Lamb tits in bottle. 


Well I went to old # xxx at xxx, 

and # he let me away xxx the tit and the bottle and all. 

brought it home and # [/] and [\] uh, 

Mother has to feed this here pig, 

she has to fill this here bottle with milk and # [/] and [\] uh we put him in the [*hovel*], 

cause my father, 

he ‘d a [/] a [\] big pig in his other sty, 

so he wouldn’t put him in with it, 

thought it might kill him. CF> 


<CF So uh # Mother has to feed this pig and # [/] and [\] uh he used to yell like mad for his meals. 

And # Mother used to take him this here bottle and he ‘d # collar round the tit and he ‘d xxx the milk out in quick time. 

And yell for some more. 

[!= laughs] 


fed him like that for a time and # [/] and [\] then, 

my father went and +… 


a- after he ‘d got some # xxx, 

Father used to give him a little bit of dry wheat and give him a +… 

just a handful in the morning for him to crack that. 

And uh then, 

he went to the ironmongers at Metheringham, 

and bought a # little metal trough. 

And Mother used to give him about a basinful of stuff at a time. 


and that sort of thing, 

you know and, 

# water. 

And uh, 

# he went on like that while my father killed the # big pig, 

then he shoved him in the +… 

He took the big pig’s place in the sty. 


# they couldn’t give him naught wrong to eat, 

you know. 

He would eat # any mortal thing. 

Even rhubarb. 

[!= laughs] 

And uh he went on and on like that there and, 

one day when [/] when [\] the old neighbour was going past, 

old xxx xxx, 

he shouted him in. 


+” Come and have a look at this pig xxx. “+ 

So xxx come [: came] and had a look at him, 

+” By Gad! “+ 

he says, 

He said, 

+” He ‘s [/] he ‘s [\] the best pig of the bunch. “+ 

So he says, 

+” I think I did wrong wi(th) giving you that pig. “+ 

[!= laughs] 


+” Well, “+ 

he says, 

+” I don’t know about that. “+ 

He says, 

+” it ‘s too late now. “+ 


+” Well, “+ 

he says, 

+” He ‘s a goner. “+ 

And he kept going on and on like that there, 

and my father, 

he fed him for a year and (a) half, 

and then he killed it. 

And uh, 

he wan’t in the habit of weighing his [/] his [\] pigs when he killed (th)em really. 

And uh, 

because he said, 

+” It +… 

They only made more or less on (th)em. “+ 

But he called his old neighbour in, 

old Billy Barker, 

and they cut this pig up and # [/] and [\] uh they weighed it. 

And when it was weighed, 

it weighed thirty nine stone and (a) half. CF> 



Transcription by Juhani Klemola and Mark Jones, 1999 See http://digital.library.leeds.ac.uk/381/1/LSE_1999_pp17-30_Klemola_Jones_article.pdf and http://www2.iath.virginia.edu/ach-allc.99/proceedings/scott.html