Emily says

“Once responses to the survey were collected, Orton’s team created a series of ‘word maps’ capturing the breadth of words used across the country. Rivulet is inspired by the word map for ‘rivulet’, a small stream. 

It incorporates record cards which were used to sort and organise and include type written details. I have used a mixture of images found in the archive with colour images found in magazines.”

What is in the audiogram?

Dialect words

Survey of English Dialects Questionnaire (1962)

Book 4: Nature

Question 1.1: water, ground

What   do   you   call   any   running   water   smaller   than a river?


Responses given that are dialect words:

  • beck (Northern counties and East Anglia)
  • dike (Northern counties, East Anglia and Midlands)

Responses given that are Standard English words:

  • stream (submitted across the UK)
  • brook (Northern counties and East Anglia)

Survey of English Dialects: the dictionary and grammar, ed. Michael V. Barry (1994)

Title page of the Survey of English Dialects

Title page of the Survey of English Dialects by Harold Orton and Eugen Dieth (1962)

All items held at Special Collections, Leeds University Library.

  • ‘Eel Fishing on the River Ure’ (LAVC/PHO/P0437) by Werner Kissling. July 1964. Aysgarth, North Yorkshire.
  • ‘Crabbing Crayfish on the River Ure’ (LAVC/PHO/P0443) by Werner Kissling. Askrigg, North Yorkshire.

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