<F K7> 

<S Frederick Dunster> 

<G M> 

<A 79> 




<D 00-01-59> 

<I MVB> 

<L CN S136> 

<T 12:15> 


<FD You weren’t all you got in the job. 

You know, 

I ‘ve [/] I ‘ve [\] biked to # Newchurch. FD> 

<MVB [!= laughs] MVB> 

<FD Oh, 

that ‘s about nine mile from here, 

you know. 

I had to get down there about half past six, 

you know, 

to # open the machine out and get ready for ’em, 


# Alright for them chaps what lived there close, 

but I ‘d got to get there. FD> 

<MVB [!= laughs] MVB> 

<FD And I ‘d got to get home, 


# Well, 

xxx +… 

# all round here at Brookland. 


You know, 

# uh to +… 

It ‘s about a half hour’s ride. 

# You know? 

# And Wittersham was the same. 

# And # I got up there in Wittersham, 

and then # Major Neave, 

I # used to be his xxx then farm, 

xxx in a big farm there. 

He ‘d got some xxx. 

Small xxx. 

And uh # he got a stack of the # long point beans. 


they hadn’t got the sieves to deal with it, 

you know, 

we were +… 

We ‘d got the tackle for ir, 

because they used to grow a good bit in the marsh, 


# And +… 

[!= clears throat] 

He +… 

I was threshing for him up here at Stone, 

up on the cliff, 

and # he said, 

+” Well, “+ 

he said, 

+” You # [/] you you [\] better xxx. “+ 

He says, 

+” Look. 

We got a stack of beans there. 

Beside Small Hythe +… 

Opposite Small Hythe church. 

xxx xxx. “+ 

He said, 

+” I ‘d like you to come and do that. “+ 

He said, 

+” # They people, 

they ain’t got the # sieves for it, 

you know. 

Only these small # winter beans. 

# So, 

I xxx xxx, 

and alright, 

but it was a tidy break, 

you know. 

# I went up there. 


then after I done [: did] that, 

blowed if he didn’t want me to go to Tenterden. 

Up xxx xxx. 

His farm up there. 

He xxx +… 

[!= laughs] 

You don’t doubt it. 

Keep dragging me away to +… 

It ‘s alright for them, 

their point of view, 

but then I ‘d got to get there. 

[!= laughs] FD> 

<MVB [!= laughs] MVB> 

<FD And # of a morning, 

I used to go # up through Tenterden. 

# Had to go right down through Tenterden, 

turn left and go to Small Hythe. 

It was atop of Small Hythe hill, 

where you turned in this farm. 

# Well, 

but that used to take uh xxx three quarters hour. 

To bike from here. 


we lived up in that bungalow. 

Up at the school. 

# Yes. 

I +… 

There were some hours to put in, 

I tell you. 

And then # when [/] when [\] we ‘d done, 

# perhaps +… 

# At that farm, 

# we ‘d got to shift +… 

Perhaps we ‘d got two or three mile to shift. 



and these were all tracks and xxx, 

these old steamers. 

They didn’t go very fast, 

you know. 

I +… 

You weren’t supposed to go more than four mile an hour. FD> 

<MVB [!= laughs] MVB> 

<FD And # you didn’t want it to go over, 

that did shake so, 

you ‘d shake everything all up pieces, 

it did. 

xxx xxx too fast, 

you know. 

# Yeah. 

That wadn’t all beer and skittles. 

That wadn’t. 

[!= laughs] 

# No. 

# And then, 

there was the other part of the time, 

you know, 

people ‘d be going to grow this # xxx white clover. 

[!= clears throat] 

And so we +… 

I bought a # [/] a [\] # clover machine, 

you see? 

So # when I hadn’t got the corn threshing to do, 

more often I ‘d got a # stack of hay to thresh, 

or # xxx wheat, 


For people. 

# And that begun to die out, 


# Well, 

the seasons, 

you know, 

now xxx seen xxx, 

people got some, 

but such a bad season they couldn’t save it, 

you know. 

And everywhere was dry, 


And I was threshing once, 

and +… 

Down here at # uh # Mr. Pendreath’s. 

That +… 

Where that shepherd # used to live. FD> 

<MVB Hmm. MVB> 

<FD Down here toward the barn. 

I was in there doing the stack, 

and # man what I used to # deal off, 

# Thurlow, 

at Stowmarket. 

I used to buy belts, 

and sails, 

and # so on. 

Oil off him, 

you know. 

It was a very good firm. 

The old chap, 

old Mr Fowler, 

he recommended ’em when I took over, 


He said, 

+” You ‘ll find they ‘re decent people to deal with, “+ 

he said. 

+” They can generally get it. “+ 

He said, 

+” And if you pay, 

they ‘ll pretty soon come when you order anything. “+ 

And that did. 

The old fellow was right, 

you know. 

Oh yeah. 

# And this # traveller, 

he come [: came] in. 

+” How are we going on, 

Mr. xxx? “+ 

He was xxx. 

Uh # he # [/] he [\] come [: came] in there and had a look at us. 

He ordered us a belt, 

you know, 

and he knowed [: knew] me, 

you know, 

pretty well. 

He was # broad and coarse. 

If you ever wanted anything, 

he would bring, 

you know, 

got a motor. 


# he said, 

+” You don’t want to sell that machine,, 

do you Fred? “+ 

I said [/] I said [\], 

+” No. “+ 

I turned it +… 

I had then plenty enough threshing. “+ FD> 


<FD xxx, 

then I ‘d got to go to # Nicholls’s, 

# xxx, 

one of that chap who was in here. 

I says, 

+” I got two or three more days of it. 

A week, 

# perhaps yet. “+ 

I said, 

+” If I did sell, 

you wouldn’t be able to have it for a week, 

but +… “+ 

# xxx xxx for price, 

and so on. 

And I let him have it. 

But I says, 

+” I ‘m gonna finish this threshing first. “+ 

+” Well, “+ 

he said, 

+” That ‘s alright. 

But, “+ 

he said, 

+” You xxx xxx # put her on real soon as you can. “+ 

And that ‘s what I done [: did]. FD> 

<MVB Hmm. MVB> 

<FD And got rid of that. 

sold that. 

Pretty near finished me thresh it. 

[!= laughs] FD> 

<MVB [!= laughs] 

Hmm. MVB> 

<FD Yeah. 

# And then I ‘d got a little +… 

# A couple little bits of ground, 

# out here, 

what I bought. 

Down at the xxx xxx, 

I # used to have it +… 


I [/] I [\] done [: did] that for +… 

throughout the time when we went threshing, 

see? FD> 

<MVB Hmm. MVB> 

<FD And he kept what I had xxx, 


I had to find him job, 


you know. FD> 

<MVB Hmm. MVB> 

<FD Not where we ‘d done altogether, 

because he used to go out summers no bounds what he was up to. FD> 

<MVB [!= laughs] MVB> 

<FD But # what I mean to say, 

if we ‘d got a day or two or anything, 

in a week, 

we wadn’t going threshing, 


uh we used to have +… 

xxx been to help me dig, 

and # xxx, 


# Yeah. 

We had to # do the best we could. 

You know, 

about it. 

# Yeah, 

but +… 

You know, 

# during the war, 

# during that war, 

they advised people to +… 

# The government did, 

not # bump these stacks up, 

like they used to, 

because they had had their stackyard. 

They ‘d got a tiny stackyard some of ’em. 

Perhaps they ‘d got eight or nine days’ worths. 

# Oh, 

there was just room to get between ’em with your machine, 

and that, 

and thresh ’em, 

they ‘d have a +… 


a couple of stacks, 

perhaps three. 

# At the time, 


# Well, 

# uh they was dropping these here incendiary bombs, 

and so on, 

at that time, 

you know. 

# To # set things alight if they could. 

# So they advised ’em to # stack ’em out if the fields. 

Have one stack here, 

you see. 

Another one # half a mile away, 

and all this kind of thing, 

in different fields. 

So that if they did hit one, 

set it alight, 

it didn’t have it all, 


you see. FD> 

<MVB Yeah. MVB> 

<FD Well, 

they didn’t xxx xxx +… 

They did a little better for us, 

because # I know in the winter, 

down here uh this here man had a barn, 

uh new buildings. 

# Uh man name Ashby has it. 

And uh # he uh # [/] he [\] used to have uh # eight or nine days’ xxx every year, 

you know. FD> 

<MVB Hmm. MVB> 

<FD He used to have the old barn down there. 

A big old barn. 

Full of pigs. FD> 

<MVB [!= laughs] MVB> 

<FD And we had to thresh them out first. 

# See? 

And that used to take three days. 

# And he ‘d got some in there. 

It was a tidy place, 

you know. FD> 

<MVB Hmm. MVB> 

<FD That used to take us three days, 

to get that out. 

And # then he [/] he [\] ‘d pack up then. 

# Well then perhaps after three weeks he ‘d want # another turn threshing. 

# After he ‘d got rid of his corn, 

did peas in it, 

you see? FD> 

<MVB Hmm. MVB> 

<FD He xxx out before he could thresh xxx to put the corn in. 

Don’t you see? FD> 

<MVB Yes. MVB> 

<FD xxx xxx +… FD> 

<MVB [!= laughs] MVB> 

<FD # Yeah. 

# But # you know, 

they uh +… 

When the war was on # properly, 


# that lasted three four year, 

you know, 

that fourteen war. 

# Uh the County Council had to do with it, 

you know. 

# And instead of meeting in +… 

I used to go over to xxx Brookland, 

and so on, 

you know, 

I didn’t dare to go xxx xxx. 

# Round here, 

see? FD> 


<FD Nobody knows, 

you know. FD> 

<MVB Hmm. MVB> 

<FD And uh # anybody walked from there to # the # railway line, 


xxx xxx. 

# And he says, 

+” Oh. 

Alright. “+ 

# And he said, 

+” Uh # and then you ‘d go xxx,, 

don’t you? “+ 

I said, 

+” Yes. “+ 

+” Well, “+ 

he says, 

+” You want to go further than # uh +… 

I forget the name of the place now, 

where Ben Coleby used to live. FD> 

<MVB Hmm. MVB> 

<FD I says, 

+” Oh. “+ 

And then he said, 

+” You [/] you [\] go down there, 

atween Woodchurch and here,, 

don’t you? “+ 

I said, 

+” Yeah. “+ 

I said, 

+” xxx xxx, “+ 

I [/] I [\] says, 

+” He ‘s got a farm down here xxx xxx, “+ 

I said, 

+” And he ‘s got some # xxx xxx by the Woodchurch. “+ 

# He says, 

+” I see. “+ 

And he said, 

+” Then there ‘s another lad in there close. “+ 

I said, 

+” Yeah. 

Well. “+ 

I said, 

+” xxx, 

from xxx, 

he +… FD> 


Transcription by Juhani Klemola and Mark Jones, 1999 ​See http://digital.library.leeds.ac.uk/381/1/LSE_1999_pp17-30_Klemola_Jones_article.pdf and http://www2.iath.virginia.edu/ach-allc.99/proceedings/scott.html